Welcome to Chef Piper’s Personal Chef Services

ahi-tuna-and-edamane-spring-and-summer-300x199Welcome! As a proud member of the American Personal & Private Chef Association, I relieve the anxiety and stress that comes with “What’s for dinner?”

By customizing menus that are ‘Palate Specific’, I not only do your grocery shopping, but freshly prepare, label and store for you with easy to follow heating instructions a variety of daily nutritious entrées & side dishes.



As your Personal Chef, I will enhance your lifestyle by freeing you to enjoy quality time with your loved ones, or if single, providing you leisure time.

As a time-crunched professional or family, I invite you to return home to the tantalizing aromas lingering in your spotless kitchen stocked with sumptuous and cost efficient meals in your refrigerator and freezer. So come along and escape from the kitchen and let Piper Wilder’s Personal Chef services nourish you.

See the menu above for services, pricing and sample menus. Gift certificates are also available.

What Clients Have to Say

It was a treat to sit down to restaurant quality meals and the only preparation was simply heating it up. There is no question that Chef Piper made my life easier and healthier. I just got married and moved to California and my husband and I only wished we could’ve packed Chef Piper in our suitcase!
– Cathy K.

We have all benefited greatly from Chef Piper providing us with healthy and nutritious meals that are always exactly what we love…The best thing is the time we spend as a family around the dinner table-time that would not be available for two working parents without her service.
– George C.

She is lovely company and brings such joy, comfort, and the feeling of being cared for in my life. It’s not just that the food is truly ‘chef’ quality, but that it is healthy as well. [Chef Piper] is reliable, listens attentively to what I want, cooks nutritious meals with wonderful flavors, and makes my life easier!
– Carol F.